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Lolworth Community Allotments Play Area Project

“to renovate the multisport games area and provide new outdoor equipment including a table tennis table and fitness trim trail”

Lolworth Parish Meeting has been awarded an £18k grant (including a £1.8K third party donation by Robinson Hall Charitable Trust) to carry out this project. The work will be completed by April 2014. The improvement to the existing play area and addition of the new facilitates as described below will complement an area that already contains a wild flower meadow, community composting bins and a recently planted community orchard. The area will have open access to the general public and there will be no charge for its use.

Multisport games pitch. The existing hard surface area measuring 56 x 38 feet is worn and often has pooling water on it limiting its use. We will completely renovate this, making the surface porous and with suitable falls to assist drainage. To accomplish this the existing surface will be pierced, holes filled with drainage media, edged in new kerbs and fast draining macadam laid to a depth of 40mm before rolling. The surface will then be sprayed with a varsity finish, a green coloured acrylic coat which prolongs life and increases grip. Lines will be painted for mini-tennis and basketball goals. The new surface will allow play on the pitch throughout the year.

Outdoor table tennis. A weather proof tennis table suitable for use in public parks will be installed. The table will be coloured green to minimise the visual impact. These tables have proved to be a simple yet effective attraction to the youth spending time in parks and communal areas and will increase activity and positive social behavior.

Trim Trail Equipment. A trim trail unit consisting of Hurdles, Rope Swing, Up & Over, Climbing Wall, Rolling Log, Balance Beams, Stepping Stones, Pole Walk and Parallel Bars will be installed. The equipment will be predominantly made of timber and therefore be in keeping with surrounding environment. Suitable rubber grass matting will surround all of the equipment ensuring safety requirements are fulfilled and the ground integrity is maintained. The equipment will provide a fun and exciting challenge for children and adults alike.


Wouldn’t the money be better spent on other things? The award was to provide grants to fund either the creation or enhancement of a community playground, or to improve the insulation/heating of a community facility. No other uses for the grant would be considered.

Will the equipment be unattractive to look at? The new surface will be a free draining specialist play surface, sprayed green to minimise visual impact. The additional equipment such as the trim tail is predominantly made from timber and is in keeping with the area. All areas surrounding the new equipment will be covered with grass saver matting  providing the recommended protection for the critical fall height whilst allowing natural growth of grass and maintaining the ground integrity.

Is there going to be an increase in noise from the play area? Equipment was chosen that would not cause an increase in noise (for example no kick-walls) and the new play-area surface will be quieter than the existing tarmac if a ball is bounced upon it.

Does Lolworth really need this equipment? In a village that has no public transport and little in the way of facilities to offer older children the project will fulfill the grant remit of providing “fun, varied, high quality play experiences in a naturalistic setting” benefiting the whole community of Lolworth.

I will not use this equipment so how could it be of any benefit to me? The project aims to improve a public area by replacing disused play equipment with fun, varied, high quality play experiences in a naturalistic setting. Good play facilities have been shown to reduce crime and help to build a safer community and can discourage anti-social behaviour which has a positive effect on the the whole community.


We acknowledge the grant we have received from the AmeyCespa Community Fund (part of the Landfill Communities Fund) which has contributed towards the cost of this project.


If you have any queries or concerns about the project please contact Ged Corbett or John Houlton.

Lolworth Community Allotments Play Area Project