Local History Pictures

A photograph of the Hepher and Ansell families taken ~ 1925.

Lolworth High Street (1929); School Row with Town House on the left shown below.

Taken during the Lolworth village Coronation celebrations in 1937, below from left are; Mrs Wolfe, Mrs Snell, Violet Payne, Elsie Payne, Bill Martin, Father Lovell, Ruby Townsend, Cliffard Doggett. Mrs Adams (John Bull).

Lolworth Home Guard 1940-45. Top Row: Bill Martin, Arthur Wolfe, Tom Jones, Len Doggett, Arthur Bye, Bert Martin. Middle Row: Herbert Brickwood, James Hacker, Clifford Doggett, William Sanford, Frank Flack, Herbert Bentlay. Bottom Row: Reginald Snell, Jess Whitmone.

The Grange, is shown in the photograph below.

Mr and Mrs Burling, are pictured below, in front of Lolworth Post Office.